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When I came home last Friday from running errands, my son who lives in Indiana called and asked me to check the front porch and see if there was anything there. Much to my surprise, there was a big green box that said “Pro Flowers” on the side.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found a beautiful Mother’s Day selection of flowers, and a vase. I had to put them together and do the arranging, but I couldn’t imagine such a thing as flowers through the mail. Crazy.

The inside instructions promised that the blossoms had been selected to bloom over a period of days. They were beautiful, even in their unopened state.

I have been amazed to watch the different species of flowers opening up each day this week. The promise was true. Last night I saw a day lily begin to awaken. This morning there are several popped out. I changed the water, cut all the stems, and rearranged the flowers. They are still making me smile every single day. I am so thankful that my son remembered me in such a way, but I am intrigued by the whole concept.

When I was re-cutting the stems again this morning and arranging the flowers for the last time, a thought struck me that we are like the flowers on a spiritual level. There are lessons to be learned all around if we pay attention.

We are often like the flowers in my vase. We need the old stems, the dead parts of our life cut away. We need fresh water (Holy Spirit) infusion to awaken the beauty within us that has been dormant.

Just like the variety of flowers in this bouquet, we all bloom at different times in life. Some are early bloomers, but die rather quickly. Some are exotic and add color and fragrance to the rest of the blossoms. Some are sturdy and have bloomed faithfully the whole time, just as beautiful today as the day I opened the box. Some are more colorful and flamboyant, standing out sharply from the others. The greenery that has no blossoms adds to the beauty by filling in the spaces. And the late bloomers have revitalized the whole bouquet by appearing this morning in profusion when the others have begin to droop.

As Christians, we are like that in our spiritual walk. Some are born into families that have served God for generations, sturdy and hearty in their faith. Some discover the love of God in a very personal and quiet way, but are beautiful in their adoration of God. Other Christians are more flamboyant, louder, happier, and more charismatic, drawing people to the color of their faith in all of its brightness. Some Christians are like the greenery, never calling attention to themselves, but always standing in the gap to fill up the space and support others. These are the prayer warriors and intercessors. And finally, there are the late bloomers who have rejected faith, turned away from God, been disillusioned with life in general, but who find faith in the end and break forth in all of their God given beauty.

All of us who are people of faith need to realize that God doesn’t want us to look exactly the same as other people. It is the variety of our personalities, our color, and our maturity that make us a human bouquet in the eyes of God. We are beautiful and fragrant to him, with no one being more beautiful than another. We all need our dead stems cut away from time to time. We all need fresh and living water on a regular basis to nourish us and keep us healthy.

What kind of flower are you? Unique and individual, we all make up the vast array of mankind created by God that, when combined together, make something beautiful.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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