A new trend in women’s modesty

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Women’s fashion trends come and go. The good ones don’t stay long enough and the bad ones don’t end soon enough.

As a “lady,” or as a Christian woman, there are some fashions that should have been totally ignored. Even though other cultures show female modesty by covering a woman from head to foot literally, I am thankful that our culture doesn’t go to such extremes. No matter how a culture believes a woman should dress, I don’t know of a single one that doesn’t call for their own interpretation of modesty.

I grew up in church where pants were considered a great taboo, along with makeup, haircuts and jewelry. I won’t fault anyone who still adheres to those standards out of a sincere desire to please God, but I personally believe that God is more concerned with our attitudes and the state of our heart toward Him than He is about the length of a hemline or uncut hair. Still, a heart that’s right with God will desire modesty, I think.

I heard someone say, “The more skin, the more sin.” It made me laugh, but I think there is a certain amount of truth in it.

I am very thankful that bustles and corsets didn’t hang around. I’m glad high heel boots are not mandatory. And I’m happy not to be drowning in hot layers of petticoats or crinolines.

I was so amazed and happy when I saw the local prom photos on Facebook to see so many girls that were covered modestly, but still looked like princesses.

There is a level of beauty that only comes with modesty. It is like an air or dignity that surrounds a person. When I think of the women in my life that I would have considered truly beautiful, none of them went around with cleavage showing or were in danger of exposing everything if they bent over.

Many of the girls’ photos I saw absolutely looked like princesses. They could have graced any royal court in the world with their presence. This year’s prom dresses reminded me of the elegance of former president’s wives, Hollywood legends and oil portraits of wealthy women hanging in honored halls.

I remember the years where people turned out to watch couples walk into prom for the thrill of seeing who wore beautiful gowns and who wore the most revealing garments they could get away with and still be allowed in the door. Necklines plunged to belly buttons and slits went all the way up the thigh. Backs were completely out and a stiff wind might have blown the whole dress away if the girls hadn’t been taped and glued in. Girls were miserable and it showed in the way they were constantly tugging at dresses to pull them up, cover their legs, etc.

I have often been amazed at the thought of a mother who would pay the price of a prom dress to put her daughter on display like an advertisement for some young man to come and take her. The price of prom dresses is another whole concept beyond my scope. Some mothers pay more than the price of a wedding gown to make their daughter the center of attention.

During this prom season, I’ve seen photos of girls that would have made incredible book covers for Christian romance. I saw girls that could have walked on any red carpet, graced any southern ball or been appropriate for the inauguration of a new president.

Youth is beautiful in itself. Girls adorned to bring out the natural beauty of their hair, youthful glow, and slender shapes have a beauty that no one else can touch. Modesty and elegance go hand in hand. Well done young ladies. Well done mothers. May your good taste prevail into the future.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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