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Knee pain had gotten the best of me for a few days and as I stayed home last weekend and tried to stay off my leg, I got very discouraged about the whole situation and depressed. Having knee surgery is no fun. I’ve been through it once after an accident. The doctor said that injury would speed up the deterioration process in my knees by about 10 years. I had hoped he was wrong.

I also hoped there would be a scientific breakthrough before I had to undergo another knee replacement, or a divine intervention. The pain has gotten to the point that I can’t function very well in my normal routine.

Flowers are blooming and fading, sunshine is calling. The woodlands are coming back to life, and I’ve been stuck in the house with my leg elevated. I was a prime target for depression and a bit of an emotional meltdown thinking about all of the inconveniences having this surgery would create for so many people in my life. Being single and living alone creates a whole set of challenges for surgery and recovery.

The phone rang and the precious lady on the other end had no idea that her call was a lift and an answer to prayer. She had already had two knee replacements and both went extremely well. She encouraged me to go ahead and get it over with so I could start the recovery process. She said she has gotten her life back since her second knee replacement.

I really needed to hear that. I needed to be reminded that after the surgery and recovery the pain does not last forever. From the day of the surgery onward, healing can truly take place instead of continued deterioration.

I have an appointment next week about three hours away. I tried to get in to see someone in Corbin and even though I had seen them in the past and let them know about the pain, the soonest they could work me in for a preliminary appointment would be June 10.

Trying to make a decision about where and who to see about surgery is very stressful. But, just as I feel that God gave Jill the nudge to call me (when she had never called me before except about tax preparations), I believe He will order my steps to get the best treatment at the hands of the best surgeon in the best facility and recovery program.

Jill had no idea that her phone call would make such a difference for me. It made me wonder how often a single phone call can be the exact thing someone else needs to lift their spirits.

I don’t make many calls at all. I used to make more calls and receive more calls. That was before computers and texting, I suppose. Like everyone else, I have come to depend on technology for communication in forms other than phone calls.

Reaching out to someone doesn’t have to be a phone call. Deliberate acts of kindness go a long way. With very little effort, we could all think of small things to do for others that would improve the quality of their life, remind them that someone cares, and help them remember they are not alone.

The next time I have a nudge to reach out to someone, I am going to remember Jill’s phone call. The probability is very strong that if God is in the mix and places someone on our mind, there may be a secret need, or a silent struggle that person is going through. Something as small as a phone call can make a huge difference.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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