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3-week wizard of self-improvement

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There’s a wicked three-week wizard out there (his name is Status Quo) who has a very sophisticated e-calendar that keeps track of every person who has decided to change, whether it’s to lose weight, get organized, quit drinking, stop swearing whatever. As the third week comes into play for the self-improver, Wizard Quo gets ready to pounce with all his wicked might. Note: this is not scientific, but too many people have been affected by this evil doer for it NOT to be true. Just think back on failed attempts to change and see if they failed around the three-week mark. A good date to look at is Jan. 21, 2016 to see if by then you’d dumped your intentions in your New Year’s Resolution.

6-week get organized class

The first six-week, get organized class my sister and I conducted was the first time we ran into this evil wizard’s work. The class consisted of 23 lovely women who came once a week for two hours to learn how to get organized at home with our soon to be famous 3×5 card file system. The energy in the class was astounding. These happy women were excited about the changes that were taking place in them and in their homes and families in that first week and after two weeks each had a glow about them. They looked better and felt better and were eager to share the miracle that getting organized brings. And then there was the THIRD WEEK!

Almost every woman came to class cranky and discouraged. The third class felt like a recovery unit at a hospital. There was complaining, moaning, grumbling and commiseration. It caused us to put our heads together and question what was wrong. We weren’t prepared for this, because we’d forgotten about the third week in our own transformation from pigpen to paradise. That’s when we remembered there was something that happened when we reached the third week of progress. The wicked wizard of progress took his wand and spewed discouragement, doubt, and frustration and if we hadn’t had each other we’d have quit and gone back to our old ways.

What’s behind the Wicked Wizard?

Scientists say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit so once you’ve consciously refused that glass of wine with dinner for three weeks, on the twenty second day you won’t even have to think about having to turn it down because you won’t even think of it in the first place. We guessed that there must be something in us that fights progress to the finish. In the beginning of any intention, we have the excitement of the new idea and we see it as almost a production, especially because we’re SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives). The enthusiasm carries us for at least two weeks, but heading to the third week and a permanent change put’s an alarm on the Status Quo’s calendar and he’s off to make sure the change doesn’t take place.

Be prepared

When you decide to change something in your life for the better, just be prepared for that third week and you’ll be fine. It really helps to have a partner, not so you have someone to be accountable to, but so you have someone to share the ups and downs of your adventure with.

I hope you find this helpful. It’s not easy to change something you’ve been doing for a long time, but it’s possible and there is great help here at Club Organized. If getting organized is your mission get organized just enough to please you. A little organization goes a long way.

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3-week wizard of self-improvement

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