Why are ducks green?

Robert Morton - Contributing Writer

Why are ducks green?

Male Mallard ducks have green heads. Why? I know it’s so they can attract a mate, the best display earns the girl duck. But why did God use color as a means for male ducks to attract their mates?

How many shades of green are there, anyway? Mallards are dark, shiny green. The shirt I’m wearing today is light green. There are pastel greens. Emeralds are so green they have their own color designation, emerald green.

What’s God’s fascination with color?

There are hundreds of different colors. Take blue, for instance. There is the royal blue of the sky, like it is today as I’m writing. There is navy blue, midnight blue, electric blue, robin’s egg blue…the list goes on. Pick any color and you can list dozens of shades.

Color is amazing to me. I cannot imagine going through life in black and white or shades of gray. Color makes life so much more interesting and enjoyable. I think that’s the point.

Why is a duck green? It’s green because God loves artistry and color. God loves beauty. Genesis 1 describes each successive day of creation as “good” in God’s eyes. No artist can fully capture the beauty that God has placed in nature. Some are incredibly gifted, sure, but I have yet to see a sunset painting as glorious as the real thing. God created it because He loves beauty and it is truly good.

God created us too. He created us to love beauty and to be beautiful. We are made in the image of God which means we share in His love for all things artistic and we ourselves are His works of art. Our definition of artistry varies with our own personal taste but we share a love for it none the less.

I think this is a symbol of God’s love for us. He didn’t create a colorless, bland world for us to live in. He created a world full of light, beauty, music, and goodness so that we would be delighted with His creation. Artists love it when people appreciate their creations. I think God created the beauty in this world so we would appreciate it. He is pleased by our sense of awe at the things He has made.

Thank Him this week for making this world such a wonderful place full of life and color.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]


Robert Morton

Contributing Writer

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