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Tim Mills - Until then

Life offers through the course of its journey the opportunity to meet people at all of the different stages and travels from our lives. Some of these opportunities to meet people will be growing relationships throughout our lives while others will be for a specific time period that will never be forgotten, always celebrated and remembered with fondness.

There is another category of opportunities and people that is very difficult to explain. It is that friendship from life’s journey that is filled with random re-connections that have this magical element of “picking up exactly where you last left off and your conversation and friendship continues on without ever missing a single moment.”

Patti McDonald Adams was a friend of impact in the lives of countless numbers and was a golden gem and treasurer to her family. If standing around having a conversation or simply over hearing a conversation between others if you heard the reference ‘Patti Mac,’ your face would instantly be smiling from ear to ear and you were eager to interrupt and join the conversation because you held in common a friendship with one of the all time great’s who was always smiling and whose personality was the life of your laughter.

The journey we are each on in life has many twists and turns. Sometimes the roller coaster of life is a blast to be on and we have our arms and hands extended waving in the air without a care or fear. Sometimes the roller coast ride is shifting us side to side and the beat and the bangs are a welcomed stop at the rides end. The friendship Patti and I enjoyed became one of randomness because of re-locations, work and travels. Uniquely it seemed at each of my journeys Patti Mac would show up. When I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, one of my first conversations was, yes, with Patti Mac. I had walked into the home of Shannon and Melissa Bunch with the phone being handed to me with the instructions “Tim Hobart” the phone is for you. On Jan. 24 when I walked into Patti’s room she opened her eyes, began smiling and said “well hello Tim Hobart.” That was the Patti I knew and she blessed my life through our friendship. To me she is best described as one of a kind, indeed!

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Tim Mills

Until then

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