Resolutions in a leap year

Tim Mills - Until then

Hello 2016! At the close of every year individuals make resolutions, setting in motion plans to achieve their goals. When I read or hear the word resolution I always think of being ‘resolutely resolved.’ To be resolved is firm in your commitment, steadfast and determine. To be resolved implies a debt paid in full, the balance released, a loosening of restraints and resolved also implies final. These descriptions help us to fully understand what we are saying and with what amount of force and belief we extend in our statements.

Resolutions include decisions like losing weight, exercising to maintain health, the discipline of sitting down to read a book, to begin writing and journaling your thoughts, stories and experiences. Resolutions could also include decisions to end a relationship, change our attitude or our quickness to dismiss the opinion of others without listening first. Reconnecting with family or friends would be a great resolution as would forgiving others for their actions which may have been intentional or maybe they still remain without a clue as to the impact of their actions on others, you more especially. Any or all of these sound like they would be positive resolutions and proper steps for the beginning of a new year any year.

The fact that this year is a “leap year” many might not even be aware of at this point. Come February everyone is going to discover the how and why this year’s February will have 29 days and not the normal 28 days. With 366 days to work with in 2016 what have you decided resolutely? This year the God Lord above has uniquely give us an extra day. Will you use it wisely? Will you decided to treat Feb 29th as just another day? Why not do something special and use the day to advance the cause of “Making the World a Better Place?”

If you have procrastinated on making any New Year Resolutions seize this opportunity to ‘resolutely resolve’ to intentionally use God’s extra day, Feb. 29, as your day to make a difference in the life of another. If you want to be really creative why not use the 29th of everyday this year to make a difference in one life. You’ve still got time to plan….Jan. 29 has not yet arrived.

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Tim Mills

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