A glory that never fades

Robert Morton - Contributing Writer

Last week I was walking through a store and heard Bruce Springsteen’s song “Glory Days.” According to the song, Springsteen goes back to his home town and meets several friends from high school. One was a baseball player who could “throw a speedball by ya, make you look like a fool..” Another was a girl who used to be popular and pretty but whose beauty faded. If you grew up in the 1980s you know the song. It’s a catchy song but sad because the only thing his former friends could talk about was reliving those old “glory days.” They seemed to be caught in the past having peaked in school with their current lives disappointing.

Glory is a fleeting thing. Anyone who experienced it understands. You are on top of the world for a short time then the attention shifts to someone more talented, younger, prettier, luckier…the list goes on. Glory can be addicting. That attention can feel good when everyone treats you like a superstar. That’s why it can be so hard when it fades.

There is a glory, though, that never fades. I Corinthians 3:18 tells us that we get to reflect the glory of God and it will never fade. As believers in Christ we have a grace that cannot be taken away. The Old Testament Law was insufficient for us because we could never fulfill it but the forgiveness that comes from Jesus can never be taken away. We reflect the glory of God through the salvation He gives us.

There are other ways we reflect God’s glory as well. Ways that are much more satisfying and much more meaningful to those around us than just shining the light of everyone’s attention on ourselves.

We reflect the glory of God by shining the light of His love everywhere we go.

When we say an encouraging word to someone who is down we reflect God’s glory.

When we send a card or make a call to someone who is lonely we reflect God’s glory.

When we give to someone who is in need we reflect God’s glory.

When we care for someone who is sick we reflect God’s glory.

These things never fade. Everything we do to show God’s love is a reflection of His glory and it is so much more fulfilling to bring Him honor than to seek honor for ourselves.

Glory days? They can be today if we’ll focus on sharing the love of God everywhere we go.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]


Robert Morton

Contributing Writer

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