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It is hard to believe how quickly another year has slipped away. The headlines of this year have sometimes been inspiring, but often heartbreaking. It has been a year that will be remembered for both good and bad.

I can’t help wondering what 2016 will look like in the world and in my own life. I often have a sense of things that are before us in a year as a nation. Some things I know as sure as my fingers are typing these words. But I don’t want to dwell on the things I think I see racing toward us.

My perspective has changed. The problems are still there and need to be dealt with, but as ordinary citizens, we are not helpless. As Christians, we are not powerless. We don’t have to sit by and watch things play out in front of us as if we are voyeurs designated to the sidelines.

This is our nation. It belongs to “we the people.” Sure there are powerful people at the top. There are wealthy people who make many decisions that affect our economy which takes a toll on the rest of us. There are elected officials that we have given power to make decisions for us that certainly do not represent the will of the people.

However, we outnumber that handful of elitists by millions upon millions. Our indifference and our silence is the factor that has allowed the wrong people to make decisions for us. In an election year, every registered voter has a voice. It is a disgrace not to use that voice that was fought for, died for, and given to us as a free gift so that “we the people” can truly make a difference in the direction of this nation.

Most importantly in my opinion is the promise in the Bible that, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (Chronicles 7:14)

Does anybody doubt that our land needs to be healed? As a nation, we need to be healed of unemployment, because of jobs that are farmed out overseas. We need to be healed of homelessness in a land that still has plenty. We need to be healed of spiritual blindness that has snuck in on the heels of political correctness. We need to be healed of apathy and indifference as we see the heartbreak of tragedy, war, and natural disasters in other lands.

The list goes on. Most of all we need to be healed from sin sickness in the form of drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse, infidelity, addiction to pornography, and on and on.

The Ten Commandments, which I believe were handed down from an all knowing, all loving God, are the cornerstone upon which every other civilized law has been built. When they are broken, society suffers. If they are honored, the land prospers.

My hope for the future is not in the hands of man, but in the heart of God who cares about the outcome of the world and mankind. He cares about this nation that was founded and guided by His principles. He has given us the power to make a difference in this world. By using our voice to speak, our right to vote, our hands to work, and our prayers to touch heaven, we as individuals can make a difference.

Life is hard. It is challenging and messy. But at the same time, it is beautiful and rewarding. It is a place where dreams can come true, where love can overcome, and where we can find meaning and worth. Every day is full of potential and possibilities. I see the year 2016 as a series of God given gifts to all of us that we get to open one day at a time. Individually, we get to choose how we will live each one.

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