Born of a what?

Robert Morton - Contributing Writer

Jesus was to be born of a virgin? Come on, that’s not possible! There are things in the Bible which stretch our imagination but a baby being born of a virgin? That’s just too much. The virgin birth is used by critics of Christianity as proof that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of wisdom stories at best and, at worst, a justification of discrimination, homophobia, and totalitarianism. There is just no possible way that this could happen. Even in our day of artificial insemination a man and woman are still needed to conceive a child. There is no way a woman, by herself, can be pregnant.

Is the Bible just a book full of unbelievable stories? The Bible is either true or it is not. When it tells us that Mary was a virgin at Jesus’ birth, it is either a miraculous event or it is a fanciful parable. There really is no middle ground there.

Truth is a rather unpopular word today. Can we ever know what is true? That’s the question asked in our culture. Truth is relative to the individual and what is true for me may not be true for you. This is the guiding philosophy of our times. There is no real truth; you have to discover for yourself what is true for you and holding others to your truth is narrow minded and even bigoted. Morality is not black and white but only multiple shades of gray.

This obfuscation of truth has been bad for us as a society. There is no moral compass to guide us. Anything can be justified if there is no universal governing truth that defines right and wrong.

The Bible has been our defining guide to truth all the way back to the Founding Fathers who based our system of laws on Biblical principles. Its moral authority is under attack, though, by those who seek a no holds barred approach to our mores.

Denying the possibility of the supernatural is one of the central tenets of attacks on the Bible. The Bible cannot contain truth because it relates events which are impossible thus its whole message is nothing more than a guide rather than an authoritative statement of God’s universal laws.

The supernatural events of the Bible cannot be proven, true. However, the people, places, and historical references listed there are accurate. The Bible is a historically accurate document, more so than any other religious work ever written. It is trustworthy.

The Bible contains wisdom that, when followed, brings peace and joy. It is a trustworthy guide to life that promotes goodness and love for all rather than selfishness, pride, and lust.

The Bible gives us a hope, a supernatural hope, that this life has meaning because of what is to come. The things we do here will affect people for all of time.

The virgin birth stretches the imagination, yes. But I accept it because the Bible contains the very words and promises of God. It is a beautiful document which outlines the plans of God for His children both here and for eternity.

I believe in a God who can upend the natural laws of this world to accomplish His will. That’s the truth.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]

Robert Morton

Contributing Writer

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