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This year, I am not celebrating just another day on the calendar that marks my entry into this world. I have found that age brings a wonderful change in perspective of life in general. Perhaps this transition comes about when we truly realize that we are past the halfway mark in our lives and that the time we squandered in our youth is even more precious to us as we see the sands in the hourglass of our lives dwindling.

I am celebrating the good health that I still have. I’m happy with the person I’ve tried to be all through my life who loves the Lord and tries to behave in a way consistently reflecting that love. I’m thankful for all of the trials, challenges, and tragedies I’ve overcome with God’s help. I’m rejoicing in the firm belief that my latter days will be more blessed, more useful, and more meaningful than my former days.

I am not so apt to compare myself to the yardstick of physical beauty held up by others and see myself constantly not measure up. I find myself always happy in the blessings of others without ever feeling like I’ve been cheated out of anything in this life. I am absolutely confident that God holds my life each and every day in the palm of His hands and that He has abundant blessings still in store for me.

Once in a time of despair, God spoke to me clearly in my heart: “Judy! Out of nothing I created the universe. Out of nothing I flung the stars, the moon, and the sun in place. From the dust of the earth, I created man and breathed my life into him. Can I not do with YOU as I will?”

The answer to that profound question for all of us is “YES! Yes, He can.”

So, in my remaining days, in all of my birthdays to come, I am very much looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me in His timeframe. Ministry? Travel? Writing? Love? Blessed time with my family? Uncontainable joy? Creativity? As long as I have breath in this aging body, there is divine purpose in my existence. What a reason to celebrate! I am here, therefore, God is not finished with me yet. I am still His work in progress. This is a happy thought.

I am thankful for birthday presents, cards, birthday wishes on Facebook, telephone calls and every act of kindness from friends and family who mark this day with me. It is good to be remembered.

The best gifts I have given myself this year are:

• Trust completely in God’s abiding love for me. He is my creator, my Heavenly Father and my friend.

• Rest in the knowledge that God loves my loved ones even more than I do and He can bring about positive change in their lives that I can’t and meet all of their needs if they choose to let Him.

• Forgive others who have hurt and disappointed me over this year and trust that they have forgiven me as well.

• Forgive myself for not being a perfect person by anybody’s yardstick, but one who still tries to improve always.

• Accept myself right here, right now in this moment in time. I may not be as thin as I wish, as financially secure as I had hoped for, as loved as I dream of, but I like the human being that I am today.

• Allow myself to dream BIG. Believe in miracles. Know that all things are possible in God’s hands and His opinion of me and my future are more important than any limitations others may try to project for me.

What a great birthday!

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