The season of giving

Year-end donations encouraged

By Amy Luttrell - Contributing Columnist

It’s the season of giving, but you don’t necessarily have to spend money to make a difference. Instead, dig into your closets, take a look at the things you were blessed to receive but no longer use, and consider donating them to Goodwill.

Your donation of previously-loved items means a year-end tax deduction for you and a potentially life-changing opportunity for your neighbor. As one of Kentucky’s largest and oldest nonprofit organizations, Goodwill turns your donations into revenue that creates jobs in our stores and enables us to place people—many of whom face significant challenges to finding and maintaining employment — into jobs within our communities. The revenue generated from your donations helped place Kentuckians into more than 3,400 jobs this past year — an increase of 19 percent over 2014.

Goodwill’s programs help make paychecks possible for Kentuckians who want to work. We help people earn GEDs and prepare for vocational training programs; assist with transitioning from public assistance into the workforce; provide support for first-generation college students, and connect those eager to work with job opportunities that could be difficult to obtain without our assistance.

Importantly, your donations stay local. They are most often sold at the store where they are donated and made available to shoppers right here in Kentucky’s communities, all while helping support Goodwill’s critical job training, placement, and employment counseling programs.

Donations of any size make an impact. As you make way for new holiday gifts, consider how many fellow Kentuckians you can help by simply cleaning out your closets and donating to Goodwill. We are grateful for your support. It truly does make a difference for thousands of people every year in our commonwealth.

Amy Luttrell is president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

Year-end donations encouraged

By Amy Luttrell

Contributing Columnist

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