Count your blessings on Thanksgiving

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The gobble season has finally arrived so it is now time to officially say Happy Thanksgiving! During this holiday many will gather with more people sitting around the tables, standing around the stoves talking and eating than we might be able to count. For those cooking it might have been weeks in the planning and after everyone is gone the cooks will no doubt find a quiet place, or any place for that matter, and pass out!

Thanksgiving is that time of the year for a grateful people to celebrate the blessings of God. Thanksgiving is a celebration of the gathering of the harvest and a time to look back at progress and see the handiwork of God in our lives. Certainly the early explorers and settlers gave thanks to God for His blessings on their endeavors which included not only a harvest and preparation for winter time but a harvest of good for trading and a harvest of new friends too. Giving Christopher Columbus credit for discovering America is in part correct. He at least connected two different worlds with this new land already occupied by the original settlers, Indians who called this land home and the Spanish and Europeans who established St. Augustine, Florida on Sept.8, 1565. The Mayflower Compact which was the first written document establishing a government for America was not signed until Nov. 11, 1620.

“Thanksgiving” is a unique time as I official acknowledge individuals, moments and organizations that have impacted my life but this season should be unique for each of us along the same line of thought. If we pause from our busy schedules and reflect I am confident that even if the past year has been filled with illness, death, challenges, difficulties and “everything at once,” we should still be able to find the silver linings.

Looking for good things, positive moments or people might require some digging, but I’m confident that no matter our circumstances we can each find good things from our lives and moments that have made us a better person and people too. “Thanks” is that which results from thinking about our blessings and “giving” is that which results because we see others in greater need than we do ourselves. If you add both of these together I believe your life will be a positive influence on others and the world will be a better place. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tim Mills

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