A personal ‘thanksgiving’

Tim Mills - Until then

Not sure if you have ever stubbed your toe or not, but if you have, you might not be so immediately ready to express “thanks” for the experience. You might be more in the mood of ‘bite your tongue’ status than “thanks” “giving.” Stubbing a toe seems like a silly thing, after all we should all be looking where we walk to prevent such, correct? As for an explanation as to how it happened most of us would rather just move on to the next life experience quickly thinking this too shall pass. Murphy’s Law is easily described as “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” and that is exactly what happened from my experience of simply stubbing a toe.

Reflecting back over the past year and one month of my life I am honestly still in a state of confusion, disbelief and shock at times. I’m confused how one Sunday I am preaching in church and by the next Sunday I am in the hospital battling gangrene. I am in disbelief realizing that so quickly a year plus of my life has vanished in a blink of the eye. Four months of my life I find myself in memory loss unable to recall what was happening, who was there or any of the details of the medical situation I was facing. The details seem lost in space and time. As I reflect and look forward I am at times in shock and to be totally honest at times I am in totally shock. Two amputations, medical expenses including one single day billed at $82, 718.32. Monthly prescriptions over $6,000 a month with $4,480 of that expense being two of the 18 daily medications prescribed. Medical Illness and disabilities can become overwhelming extremely fast and life has a way of closing in while the limitations seem to calculate on an adding machine. Yes, a stubbed toe has a way of complication life and a way of changing your life forever, who would have ever considered? Certainly not me, until now.

This same time last year my life turned a flip and now I am left holding the pieces, so it seems until I remind myself that I am not holding anything together, it all Him. Frustration is not fun to deal with at all. I find peace when I reflect that everything has a purpose and there is a time for everything too, including this experience. I also find peace when I am able to say “thanks” to God for the opportunity to share my story with others who are in questioning life’s experiences and God’s plan. The “giving” of this challenge is mine to use for His glory. I am praying I will not miss a single opportunity.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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