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A few years ago one of my friends traveled to a resort destination in Mexico. I was shocked when she told me they had to pay $3 to use the bathroom and that male and female both used the same bathroom – sometimes with no doors for privacy. She said that if a person gets desperate enough to go potty and can’t get back to home or to a hotel room, they will conform.

I never dreamed there would come a day in the United States of America where political correctness would push people over the edge about bathrooms. I have always appreciated the clear distinction between male bathrooms and female bathrooms. I think it’s great that there are now family bathrooms so that mothers can take their sons to use the toilet and fathers can take their daughters without exposing children to the opposite sex and their body parts and functions. I think it is a good thing to be able to go in a public restroom and not have a 6 year old trying to stare through the cracks to see what’s going on.

On a recent trip out of town, I encountered “Gender Neutral Bathrooms” for the first time. Whoever thought this up is, in my opinion, out of their mind. Whoever thinks that making bathrooms a place where male and female can come and go freely to which ever one they choose has lost common sense.

Do men really want to be exposed to women’s sanitary products and odors if they have to go to the bathroom in a public place? Do women really want to have to use a urinal or have to put the lid down before they go potty in a public bathroom?

The argument seems to be that we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or damage anyone’s self-esteem. This is so ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve a second thought. For the majority of the population, bathroom functions are very private and it is already uncomfortable to be in the bathroom with anyone else even in the stall next door. So how many people are going to be offended when male and female start coming and going out of the same facility? My self-esteem will be ravaged if I am desperate enough to have to use a public bathroom and don’t even know which one is safe to go in.

I understand that there are people who do not conform to the same societal standards as I hold dear. I do not reject those individuals. I would not deliberately want to hurt their feelings. I would not want anyone else to deliberately cause them harm. But when it comes to bathroom privileges, I don’t think the 90 percent who would be miserable with a mixed gender bathroom should have to be totally discredited in order to make the other 10 percent of the population happy.

Maybe the solution is to provide a third type of bathroom that is called “gender neutral” for those wanting to protest the distinction between male and female, and then still keep the men’s and women’s bathrooms as a segregated space. “Family bathrooms” already provide a gender equal restroom space.

The more I read on the internet about this topic, the more unreasonable the arguments seemed. There is a popular movement on college campuses to make gender neutral bathrooms the standard. But of course, it doesn’t stop there. Elementary and junior high, plus high schools are being targeted for such changes, as well.

It sounds utterly unlikely to reach into our lower grade schools, and I dare say most parents don’t even know there is a campaign buzzing to make it mandatory across the country everywhere, but I remember thinking this mixed sex bathroom experience would never reach the USA, no matter what they were doing in other countries.

Don’t take my word for it. Look it up on the Internet. Do a little research locally. You may be surprised.

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