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What is a body to do? One candidate opens the mouth and lies tumble out. The other candidate opens the mouth and feet go in.

I’m so sick of all the bickering back and forth between our presidential candidates, I don’t even want to hear anything else they have to say on either side at the moment unless it is an apology to the American public for behaving in the least possible presidential manner. All of the snarky, junior high insults and bad mouthing each other has got to stop.

We know what they are against – anything they think the media wants them to be against. Their daily comments provide an opportunity to vilify the other candidate. But what are they for? That’s the real question and in my mind is not being satisfactorily answered. What policies would they lay out and enforce on the nation? What steps would they take to deal with a national tragedy that stretched from coast to coast if such a thing should happen?

I realize that neither candidate can be sure how they would perform in a time of crisis since neither have had to carry the weight of the nation on their shoulders. It would be nice to think that one or the other of them could make presidential decisions effectively in a time of great distress. So far, I have my doubts about both of them. One is a Washington insider elitist. One is a Washington outsider elitist. Neither of them seem to have any idea about the plight of ordinary working people in this current economy.

I’ve heard from at least two sources that pastors over the weekend made very similar comments about the election, including my pastor here in Harlan. Out of these two candidates, we need to remember that we are not electing one of them to be the new pastor of our local church. We should be voting for the one we believe will be able to meet adversity as it comes and hold our position in the world. We need to be looking for the one who holds our nation’s best interest at heart rather than their own popularity or ego. We need to be looking for the one who can lead from the frontlines instead of hiding in an office and pushing from behind.

When a parent tells a child to do something and the child asks why, a parent may respond, “Just because I said so!” That is an okay attitude between a parent and child. It is not okay, however, for a president or presidential hopeful to inflict their will through laws or decisions that do not go through congress with that same, “I’m the boss and you must do it just because I said so” attitude.

In my mind, the two candidates for vice president are hugely important. Hillary’s health appears more than a little precarious regardless of what her team has manufactured to whitewash any serious problems. Donald Trump is one of the oldest people to ever seek the office of president, as is Hillary. Therefore, regardless of who gets elected, I have a concern about whether they will be able to complete their term in office. Should illness or tragedy take our next president out of commission, the vice president would move into the top leadership position of the country.

What do we know about the vice presidential candidates? In my opinion, we do not know nearly enough.

People are worried about the outcome of this election long before we even go to the polls to vote. This is not a time to vote for a political party. It is not time to vote for a personality. It is time to vote for the candidate who can and will respond appropriately in any given situation to safeguard our nation and our people from those in the world who would enjoy seeing this great nation crumble.

There is still time to pray and seek peace from God about where we cast our ballot. I have hope that the peace of God will overtake me before I have to choose on Election Day.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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