Mile markers of life’s journey

Tim Mills - Until then

Often the expression is shared “life is a gift.” Life is truly a gift but all the elements that make up life can be difficult to describe, or at least I am finding difficulty in selecting the proper words. Life and her expression bring to my mind thoughts of birth first because who doesn’t like a happy birthday moment? Even if we say it is just another day, actually we find our individual day unique with all the connections of parents, cakes, presents and candles. Life brings to mind the thoughts of growing up, learning, falling down and scraping a knee, losing a tooth and riding a bike. The mile markers of life’s journey in our lives is unique to each of us. The impact of events and people are what make a difference and become what is cherished and remembered.

Of all the connecting dots of life the most precious aspect I believe must be time. Time is a valued commodity. How we spend its seconds, minutes and hours are important even if we find ourselves from time to time lost in her vast expanse and wondering as we wander. Even these times are important too. All moments that make us helping to define our character, attitude, belief system and values. Because time is broken down into time segments we can often get much accomplished in one of those spans but no matter how long or short our existence the most precious gift we can dispose of is our time and energy.

The manner in which we live our lives, using our individual time is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. I don’t believe for a single second that life is a burden to be lived in fear with an encumbered amount of weights that have us broken, weak and weary. Rather I believe life is a gift with time being our most valuable possession and the manner in which we dispense our seconds, minutes and hours does matter. It is my prayer that if you have not given thought to your time and its uniqueness that your journey of making a difference begins today. If you already have a plan with goals, dreams and a foundation from which to live life then in my prayer for you. I pray each of our journeys will continue until our time ends recording our individual history of time so others can easily see our values.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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