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Inspiration comes in many forms and many faces. There are inspiring people all around us if we just take time to look for them.

I am currently a patient at PT Pros physical therapy center. They have always done a good job for me each time I’ve needed their services. Under their guidance, I am coming along very well from knee replacement surgery 10 weeks ago.

I have a word of advice based on my own experience to anyone undergoing surgery or experiencing illness or accident that requires physical therapy. Doctors can only do so much to help a person recover. They apply their expertise on the operating table or patching up a person from an accident, but the real work starts after the person is strong enough to start helping themselves.

It is ridiculous to think that a matter of surgery will put everything back in tip top shape. The human body is an amazing creation that is designed to help heal itself, but that doesn’t mean the person can just stay down, wallow the bed, or refuse to cooperate with physical therapy orders and expect to go back to normal.

In the time that I’ve been going to PT Pros over the years, first for a back injury, then a knee replacement, and most recently another knee replacement, I’ve seen a wide variety of people working with their therapist to try to get mobility back into the injured or surgical part of their body. Sometimes after a stroke or heart attack, the therapy is purely to help regain strength, balance and mobility.

I’ve seen children there working to overcome injuries or perhaps physical challenges from birth. I’ve seen them trying to recover from car wrecks. They try to do what adults tell them to without a lot of persuasion.

I’ve seen young people in junior high and high school working to recover from a sports injury or car wreck. I have often seen their frustration of just wanting to get clearance to get back in the game or back to hanging out with their regular circle of friends.

I’ve seen middle aged people with work related injuries trying to get their strength back so they can go back to work on the same job where they were injured. They seem to push very hard because they feel responsible for the income needed to take care of their families and they want to get back to work.

I’ve seen people in my own age bracket who have been impacted by one injury or another, or perhaps the effect of arthritis on their bodies. They work hard to try to overcome pain and joint stiffness.

And last, but not least, I’ve seen senior citizens of all ages in later life who are there to restore joint mobility and want to recapture their quality of life from earlier years.

Every individual has to face their own challenges in their own way. Some are too stubborn to do what the doctor says. Some think they know more than the medical professionals who are there to try to help them get better. Some prefer to complain about the pain and never genuinely seek a long term solution.

I can truly stay that the people I have seen working hard at physical therapy are an inspiration to me. This week I met a man who had been crushed in a coal mining accident. He expressed sorrow for what had happened to him, but an equal amount of sorrow for what his accident had put his family through, especially his wife. Seeing him work so hard to get his strength back and regain a normal life has been a shot of inspiration for me that will surely keep me on track. He has the spirit of a warrior.

Other people often inspire the best in us. We don’t have to look far to find sources of inspiration.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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