This election cycle is dividing us

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Elections always divide people by their opinions and candidates they choose to support. That is pretty typical. What is not typical about this campaign process before the upcoming election is the divisiveness it is bringing to the whole country.

People are turning on each other with pure hatred in their hearts because of which candidate they do or do not support. It is a crazy time.

I will not say which candidate I support, but I do ask everyone to prayerfully turn out to vote their conscience in the fall – whichever way that goes. This election, more than any other it seems to me, is one where the voice of the people needs to be heart loudly and clearly.

I am glad that a woman has been nominated for the highest office in the land, but I cannot honestly say that I’m glad that woman is Hillary Clinton. I am glad that a citizen outside of the political arena can still rise through public support to be nominated for the highest office in the land, but I cannot honestly say that I’m glad that man is Donald Trump.

I have been disappointed that both parties couldn’t come up with a better candidate. I’m not in love with either one of them. Hillary has too much hidden and covered up in her past. Donald doesn’t keep enough of his opinions and mean comments hidden.

I know who I’m going to vote for, but I will not try to make anyone do as I do.

The hardest thing about this whole election process for me is how people are turning on each other and how hatred of one party or person is making people hate others who don’t do or say exactly like they do. I was very disappointed yesterday when I read a post that a former friend had written on Facebook. She basically said that anyone who would consider Donald Trump as the next president and accept his agenda and beliefs was an idiot and she didn’t want them to be her friends, didn’t want to know them, didn’t want to hear them, didn’t want to have them as friends on Facebook and it didn’t matter if they were friend or family. Anyone who would support Donald Trump was out of her life forever.

This morning after making a comment about a prayer gathering where different people from different faiths, races, men and women had gathered to pray over Donald Trump, and listening to that prayer, I posted that I wish all candidates would seek God’s wisdom and blessing. I didn’t say if I was for him or against him. I just wish all candidates would recognize that there is a higher power than themselves or the office of president and have enough faith to seek God for our country.

Within a couple of minutes, I was notified that I’d been dropped from the friend list of two people. That’s okay. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I surely don’t worry about how many or who is on my Facebook friend list. Anyone who is offended by my faith is probably better off if they do drop me. I mostly share inspirational thoughts and photos that are often an expression of my faith.

What I can’t understand about people who claim to be part of the Democratic process is why those who say they are standing up for certain controversial groups, being open minded, liberal supporters of freedom of choice on so many platforms can turn around and reject anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do. They call anyone who doesn’t agree with them a bigot, then turn around and do the same thing to different groups.

Our country has had enough divisiveness. We need to come together as a nation and be strong for the days ahead. We need to work together. We need to let our individual voices be heard by the vote we cast at the ballot box.

The only way this nation is ever going to rise again to the greatness we once enjoyed is when people find ways to work together instead of looking for ways to tear us apart.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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