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Tim Mills - Until then

The highlights of the Republican National Convention were marked by what I believe can be defined in two word. Division and hostility. The highlights of the Democratic National Convention can easily be described in the same fashion in my opinion. In my lifetime I know Republicans that ‘hate’ other Republicans. While ‘hate’ is a strong word the truth is what it is. In my lifetime I’ve known Democrats that demonstrate the same behaviors and like their counterparts the Republicans they each consider their actions to be acceptable and all a part of their duty because of devotion to the party. When leaders see their personal responsibility as such they the end result is selfishness and failed leadership that impacts all level of organization and society.

The hostilities witness at both of the leading political party conventions remind me of another time in history that was filled with deceit, backstabbing, plots and long laid plans designed to fill the self-serving interesting of the political leadership of the day. That historical event was devised to trick Jesus into not being ‘politically correct’ which would result in His arrest, beating and if the plan goes as schemed the people would publically turn against Him. If the long laid plans were to turn our perfectly as developed by the political leadership of that day, then the people would also demand His crucifixion. If you are a student of history then you know that Jesus didn’t fall to their attempts, He stood true to His purpose and plan as designed by His Father in Heaven. The back-up plan of the political leadership was implemented and the lives of those in power convinced the public and the religious leadership of the day to have him arrested on lies and push through His conviction and settle the issue of Jesus quickly and permanently.

The hierarchy of the day misjudge the real impact of a single life lived to make a difference for others. The life of Jesus has changed the lives of millions and His teachings have impacted governments since His Star first rose giving guidance to those in search of the place where the Savior of the World was born in Bethlehem. My advice is to follow and elect Jesus in your personal life. My advice for the RNC and the DNC is to take a lesson and learn from history the only plans that last are the ones that honor Him.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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