Targeting the police

Robert Morton - Contributing Writer

Killing six police officers does not make one a hero. It makes one a thug, a criminal deserving of the harshest penalty possible under the law. The police are tasked with keeping us safe but, far too often, they become the target of those they try to keep safe.

I’ve been to inner city neighborhoods before. I worked in many of Atlanta’s poorest communities during college. They are places filled with the despair of poverty, drugs and far too much despair. Those suffering in those areas need hope; not the hope of further government programs, though. We have enough of those. They need the hope of renewed family values where two parents work together to raise their children rather than young men impregnating three or four different women and then abandoning those they have sired. The inner city illegitimacy rate is 75 percent. That cannot continue because it breeds an atmosphere of anger and crime.

The answer to this problem is certainly not targeting police officers. The police are not the enemy. Their job is to protect. How can they do so when those they protect rise up against them? This is despicable. What happened in Dallas was not the civil disobedience that Martin Luther King Jr. advocated. It was a mob. It was a despicable, criminal, murderous riot that took the lives of five police officers and wounded six more.

There are some in our country who will see the perpetrators of this crime as heroes fighting back against law enforcement excesses. They are not. They don’t need understanding, they don’t need to “be heard,” and this is not some “wake up call” that should bring attention to their “plight.” They are cowardly criminals who need prosecution.

Please pray for the families of these officers and for the officers who were wounded in this terrible tragedy. May God have mercy on them all.

Rob Morton is minister of First Christian Church Middlesboro. Contact him at [email protected]

Robert Morton

Contributing Writer

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