Tilting off our axis

Tim Mills - Until then

Not a day seems to pass that the world in which we live seems to be more and more ‘off her rocker’ with the tilt seeming to be one in which we cannot recover from preventing our fall. When I was in high school science class I learned all about the world, and her rotating axis, how the world spins and what seemed to be useless knowledge then but valuable information to me currently. The Earth rotates once in 24 hours, as does the average news cycle and reports we hear day in and day out. If I were to mention ‘Polaris’ all the four-wheeling fans will think immediately I have gotten confused in writing this newspaper column and intertwined thoughts of the Earth and adventure fun and that ‘Polaris’ has nothing to do with Earth conversation except for mud, water, climbing and dust. However, as a point of education the ‘Polaris’ is the North Star or our guide and reference point in the sky.

Life has a guiding star, guide and reference point too. Over 2,000 years ago the Star of Bethlehem was that guiding point and as was then and still today, Wise Men and women still seek Him. Him being the child of Bethlehem born as Savior of the world…His name being Jesus the Christ. It can be very easy to dismiss my thoughts and conversation ideas but the truth is that Jesus is real as is the ‘Polaris,’ the North Star and truly the Earth does rotate on her axis keeping the world spinning around and around. Truths can be sometimes difficult to talk about or understand but that doesn’t change the fact that they are true.

In a world of chaos, confusion and challenges the answer for each of these is Jesus Christ…the Star of Bethlehem. When the world spins terrible news and tragic events, the answer is Jesus. When it seems like we as citizens of this nation are in a free fall the answer is Jesus. The best advice I can share is that the method that most prepares us for unwanted news or events is to be solid in our faith and relationship with the answer before world tilts off her axis.

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Tim Mills

Until then

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