Reality unfolding before our own eyes

It is quite obvious that there is no love lost between Gov. Matt Bevin and the Beshear family.

That’s a shame really, but it’s a reality unfolding before our own eyes.

In the past few weeks, some serious accusations have been made by Bevin against former Gov. Steve Beshear and his administration. And some serious allegations have been made against Bevin by Beshear’s son, Attorney General Andy Beshear.

Andy Beshear has asked for an ethics investigation of Bevin to find out if he fired some politically appointed state workers because they donated money to his political rivals and whether such actions violated the state’s ethics code.

Bevin accused the former governor of coercing state employees to donate to Democratic candidates, including Andy Beshear’s 2015 campaign for attorney general. Bevin has called for Andy Beshear to return any questionable contributions and announced he would use public money to hire a private law firm to assist with his own investigation of Steve Beshear, including whether he violated state procurement laws.

Andy Beshear, who is also suing Bevin over his 2 percent mid-year budget cuts to most state colleges and universities, says Bevin is within his right to investigate financial mismanagement. But he said Bevin cannot investigate ethics code violations. He says that responsibility falls to the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, made up by five people who were appointed by Steve Beshear. Andy Beshear has asked the ethics commission to take over Bevin’s investigation and to tell Bevin he does not have jurisdiction.

These are some very serious allegations that have been levied against Bevin and Steve Beshear. It’s quite obvious that if there is merit to these allegations then they must be investigated and answers revealed to the public in due time.

It would really be a disservice to the voters of this state though to learn that all of these allegations are over petty grievances. In suing Bevin, Andy Beshear said it wasn’t personal.

Sure it is.

Andy Beshear doesn’t like Matt Bevin and the feeling is very mutual. Steve Beshear is also obviously no fan of Bevin either. He gave a nearly 14-minute speech this week bashing Bevin. That is his First Amendment right, but Steve Beshear really needs to first realize that he is no longer our governor, return quietly to his law practice and let the current governor do his job.

We sincerely hope that all of this doesn’t turn out to be grandstanding by Bevin and Andy Beshear. If it indeed is, then both men have failed the people of this state and should really be ashamed of themselves.

Bowling Green Daily News

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