Letters to the Editor


The League of Women Voters works to engage citizens in the democratic process and wants to alert Kentucky Republicans about the March 5 Republican Presidential Caucus.

The caucus is a new and unfamiliar process for Kentucky and we want to be sure citizens understand this will be the only opportunity for Republicans to cast their ballot for Republican presidential candidates.

Kentucky voters must have been registered as Republicans by Dec. 31, 2015 to be eligible to vote in the caucus March 5 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time. Voting locations differ from usual polling places, so check the Republican Party website for the location in your county (rpk.org/caucus/).

The only candidates on the caucus ballot will be those running for president for the Republican nominee. Primary elections for all other candidates will be held May 17.

Be sure your voice counts! Vote in the March 5 caucus.

Terry Naydan and Nita Smith


Kentucky League of Women Voters


Kentucky Republicans are backing a bill that would require doctors to show and describe ultrasound images of the embryo or fetus to women considering abortion.

If a patient had a tumor, broken bone, or heart blockage or was considering a facelift or breast implants, any reputable doctor would share lab results, images from x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, etc. The doctor would also discuss alternatives and risks of any procedure so that a patient could make a fully-informed decision as possible. So why are Kentucky Democrats and pro-abortion doctors objecting to applying this same standard to women who are considering an invasive procedure like abortion?

According to an Enterprise article on Feb. 16, a Lexington doctor who opposes the law, Dr. Sarah Wallett, testified that such a law would interfere with a “doctor’s judgment about the appropriateness of the procedure.”

She said that it was NOT her job to talk a patient out of an abortion, but to simply provide the patient with evidenced-based information. Since the images are evidenced-based, why does this doctor object to showing them? Nowhere does the bill require the doctor to convince a patient to decide one way or the other. Could it be that she and others who oppose this law are more concerned with a political agenda favoring abortion that sound medical practice?

Whatever one’s position on the abortion issue, everyone should support the right of women to be fully-informed before making such a critical medical decision.

Phyllis Adams


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