K-Count vital part of homeless response

Being homeless has to be difficult for anyone in that position.

It’s unfortunate that people are homeless. In our community, we should look after homeless people, do all we can to try to provide them with clothing, direct them to a shelter and help them find a place to put a roof over their heads.

We owe that to them, especially during the winter months when cold temperatures make it much harder on them.

Thankfully, many groups and organizations in our city do a lot for the homeless population. Not only do they provide them with meals, clothing and shelter, they do something else every year that is very important: take a yearly count to track homeless populations.

The idea behind it is to not only get an idea of the homeless population here but to get a better understanding of homelessness in Kentucky.

On Wednesday and Thursday, local organizations conducted the K-Count, a yearly effort organized by the Kentucky Housing Corp. The numbers of homeless people the group contacted won’t be available for some time, but it’s good to know officials with the organization will soon have an idea of what the homeless population is in our city.

These numbers will be critical for organizations helping the homeless determine how much food, bedding and clothing will be needed to help them out in the coming months. The count is also important in helping determine how much funding local organizations receive from grants.

One major concern that came out from the count was that there appears to be more homeless people this year than last year. Officials with The Salvation Army said many people visiting there had never been homeless before.

Along with LifeSkills and The Salvation Army, participating organizations included Barren River River Area Safe Space and HOTEL INC, a faith-based nonprofit focusing on poverty. Room in the Inn, a nightly shelter that alternates between churches in the county when temperatures are freezing, has also been an important organization in providing aid to the homeless in our community.

Our hats go off to all of these organizations for all of the hard work they put in not only in this count, but throughout the year in helping the homeless in our community.

We are a compassionate city and we should do all we can in the weeks, months and years ahead to help the homeless population in our community, whether it be through volunteering for one of these organizations, helping them obtain Social Security and ID cards or helping guide them to places that can provide help in hopes that they can get back on their feet again.

We should all pledge ourselves to that task.

Bowling Green Daily News

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