Well visit a model for the region

We must do everything possible, especially during the winter months, to keep an eye out for our elderly citizens.

Some elderly people may not have any living family left, and many of them might have family who live out of town or out of state who can’t keep an eye on them every day.

Our society hears stories about elderly people falling and no one being able to assist them. There are other stories about elderly people having died their homes and gone unnoticed for days and in some cases weeks.

Stories like these cry out for help.

That is why we are glad to see the Russellville Police Department has started the Well Visit program. In the program, which is free, a person who wants police to check on them can sign up and a police officer will visit that person’s home at regular intervals to make sure they are alive and well. Officers hope during these visits that if a program participant appears to need medical attention, food or some other type of assistance the officers will help that person get in touch with necessary providers to see that their needs are met.

This program has the potential to do a lot of good for those who participate in it.

The need for the program arose after the police department responded to calls where elderly residents or shut-ins died alone or sat injured in their homes for days before being noticed. Last winter, calls came into the department involving welfare checks. Other cases involved people who needed help but couldn’t get to their phones. In some cases, officers had to use forced entry to get into the house where someone had fallen, and in one situation where a woman couldn’t get out of the bathtub for two days.

Coroners in southcentral Kentucky have encountered multiple situations in which someone has died alone inside a home and has gone unnoticed for some time.

No one should ever feel like they are forgotten or put in a situation where if they fall or have another health issue there is no one available to check on them.

This program offers a solution to that concern.

The program being offered by the RPD is a proactive one that has the potential to really help people and potentially save lives.

We hope that elderly people in Russellville will sign up for this program so they can get assistance if they need it.

Daily News of Bowling Green

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