Letter to the Editor


Like a lot of Harlan Countians, I tuned into The Voice this year and from the blind audition to the season finale, I rooted for our very own Jordan Smith.

As a gospel singer myself, I must say that this young man was truly an inspiration to me through the course of his journey. I believe he represented Harlan County well on the program and even more importantly he represented his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, quite well.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people like myself that wants Jordan Smith to know that his gift from God is truly a blessing and we so thank you for sharing it with us and literally the world. I am also thankful to his parents and relatives for bringing up a man that loves God, family, friends and home county.

If there are words of encouragement that I can pass on to Jordan it would simply be this: Don’t ever forget who gave you your wonderful vocal talent and use it to glorify the giver as I believe He gave you that gift to be a blessing and inspiration to all that may have an opportunity to hear it. I believe when God gives you a gift such as you have it is because He is calling you to use it for Him. Thanks again for being an inspiration to us all.

In closing, I would only ask that all of the Christians reading this keep Jordan and his family in your prayers as his journey just begins. God bless you Jordan.

Terry Underwood


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