Grant boosts efforts to combat drug use

We need to do everything possible to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs among youths in this state.

Too many young people get access to these substances, and far too often, we hear about kids in Kentucky who are needlessly dying from overdosing on prescription drugs.

Thankfully, help is coming in the form of grants in many parts of our state to combat these growing problems.

Most recently, the Butler County drug-free coalition was awarded a $625,000 federal Drug-Free Communities grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which will be used to combat these problems as well as allow for the hiring of an additional school resource officer.

The grant will be distributed over five years in $125,000 increments to help increase community collaboration and help fight the issues mentioned.

This is good news for Butler County, which was close to getting the grant in 2013.

The coalition plans to take the grant money and work with students, staff and faculty and parents of Butler County Middle School to develop a substance abuse prevention action plan for that school.

The hope of the coalition is to help these kids develop positive behaviors and make good choices. In return, the coalition is hoping that it will not only be a benefit for the kids but for the community as well.

Hopefully, that will be the case.

At the end of the day, we all want to see our kids make the right choices. Sure, they will face peer pressure from their friends, especially as they get older, but hopefully through programs such as this they will make the right decisions and stay away from alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.

We are glad that Butler County has received this grant. We are very hopeful that it will make a real difference in a lot of young people’s lives in that community.

Daily News of Bowling Green

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