Letters to the Editor


Recently my husband and I were in Middlesboro and ate at Long John Silvers. After having a very nice dinner, we left the restaurant and headed toward home.

About 20 minutes later, I discovered I had left my purse at the restaurant. My purse had my checkbook, wallet with credit card, over $100 in cash, etc.

We turned around and headed back to the restaurant. Upon our arrival, we were pleased to learn that one of the workers had found the purse and turned it in to the assistant manager. All of the items in the purse were present and intact.

So, thanks Long John Silvers staff for serving up you food with a large dose of honesty. Just one more thing to be thankful for in this holiday season.

Rita Hamlin



I want to say how glad I am that God spared us from another terrible (Obama like) governor. Matt Bevin is a breath of fresh air. I thank and praise God our state went red this time.

People are waking up to the fact that Obama is trying to destroy our country and that he is a Muslim.

I was absolutely appalled to see in the newspaper that Evarts had a Zombie Walk and Harlan had a Thriller (Michael Jackson type) dance. I’m sure the Lord was upset about that.

What you all were portraying on the streets, the blood, ugly creatures, etc. is exactly what he is trying to save you from and that is hell. Can you imagine how the younger children felt seeing everyone dressed this way? One little girl in the newspaper looked terrified.

People don’t fear God anymore. God is against sorcery, witchcraft and devilish divinations. Please read Deuteronomy chapter 18 verses nine through 12. These are abominations to him. If you want to walk for something, how about our veterans or our policemen (who are being killed every day trying to protect us).

Perhaps for our Lord Jesus who gave his life and took our place on the cross. Now that’s something to celebrate. If you like the supernatural, the Bible is full of that. Things like people standing in a fire and not being consumed, a king being turned into a wolf like creature and bones having flesh put back on them. These are true stories you will find in the Bible. This is the good supernatural.

Next year, please consider what I’ve said and don’t have any more demonic displays in our county. We don’t want to be cursed, we need blessings from our God. He can’t bless abominations and he will not. After all we have enough “zombies” walking around on drugs in our county. God forgive us!

Norma Hensley



I am writing in defense of Kim Davis. Since part of the Pledge to the Flag says ‘One nation under God,’ then that makes us lower than God. Also, he is the creator and we are his creation. He is the potter and we are the clay and He created everything that was ever created.

Therefore, no body of government has a right to establish a law that is contrary to the Bible.

When Kim took the pledge to uphold the law of the land, that was the present laws, bot laws past her term because she hadn’t reached that point yet.

When the king had the three Hebrew children thrown in the fire, the Lord went in and delivered them, then the king changed his mind about them and threw the three Hebrew’s in. The lord delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and the king changed his mind about Daniel and threw in those that had Daniel thrown and the lions ate them all up.

The man who wrote Dust on the Bible, wrote a great song, but I feel there are millions that do not have a Bible to have dust on. Also I believe there are many today who know about the TV Guide than they do about the Bible. Study the word to show thyself approved unto God.

Lloyd Dean


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