Barren Co. soldier deserves honor

Those who were drafted or volunteered to fight in past and present wars didn’t do so to become a hero. They did it because their country called on them and they felt a sense of duty to go and serve.

That’s it.

It takes a selfless person, especially one who is part of a volunteer military, to go and fight overseas for our freedoms and to help those for whom they are fighting.

It also would have been especially hard for those who were drafted into military service, whether in World War II, Korea or Vietnam. Those who had the courage to go and fight when some chose to avoid fighting deserve our utmost respect for their service to our country.

Army Cpl. Rex Harlow was one of those who gave it his all during the Vietnam War. The Barren County native grew up on a farm with nine siblings. He loved to hunt and fish and go swimming in ponds around the area before he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1969 and sent to Vietnam.

A member of B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Calvary of the 25th Infantry Division, he was in Vietnam for less than a month when he was killed in action.

His loss was a very hard one for his family and friends thousands of miles away in Barren County.

While the loss was hard on his family, it was probably made a bit easier Sunday as Harlow’s surviving family members — two brothers, his sister, his widow and a nephew also named Rex Harlow — attended a dedication ceremony on Green River Road about two miles east of Glasgow, where a highway marker bearing his name was unveiled.

The new part of the road is now called Cpl. Rex D. Harlow Memorial Drive. It was part of a project by veterans advocacy organization Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 to honor local veterans killed in action. This is the third road sign the chapter has dedicated in the region. The organization sponsors the purchase and manufacture of the road signs and the Barren County Road Department installed the sign honoring Harlow.

Harlow was most definitely worthy of having this sign placed on this section of road in his memory. He paid the ultimate sacrifice in an effort to defeat Communism and deserved to be honored in this way.

We truly applaud the Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 for its diligent efforts in helping get this sign put up. We know the Harlow family is very proud that their loved one is being honored in such a permanent way.

Bowling Green Daily News

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