Feeding America program welcomed

It cannot be said enough that no one in this country should have to go through their days without being fed. As the richest country in the world, there is absolutely zero excuse for there to be hungry people in the United States.

Thankfully, there are organizations in our city and cities across the country that make sure no one goes without food.

In Bowling Green, we are fortunate to have Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland partnering with The Salvation Army to offer Warren County residents food the last Wednesday of each month to help decrease food insecurity in the state. One of the reasons for the event, besides feeding those in need, is that Feeding America has never been able to get enough charitable food because their pantry base isn’t large enough here. So, they decided to do this mass distribution of food each month.

Sadly, nearly one in six Kentucky residents and one in four children live in households that can’t always afford food.

These are scary statistics that must change.

Events like this one have the real potential to do just that.

Last week, hundreds of people lined up in the parking lot of Family Dollar on Glen Lily Road for the first distribution of commodity supplemental food boxes and fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, juice, bottled water, bread and other items from the Farm to Food Banks program. Officials with Feeding America said it brought 25,000 pounds of food, with 9,000 pounds of it being produce. He said the amount of food brought should serve around 800 families.

Recipients who haven’t received a food box from the United State Department of Agriculture in the last 30 days also had the opportunity at the event to pick up peanut butter, dried beans, canned fruit and boxed mashed potatoes.

This really is a great program. People who normally could be missing meals are now receiving food. This event helps those who are barely getting by and those who are without homes. Our hats go off to these organizations and the volunteers who helped and will continue to help with this event because through their noble efforts they are making a real difference in people’s lives.

Daily News, Bowling Green

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