Cumberland, Rosspoint earn district Governor’s Cup titles

Evarts, Wallins win second place honors

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Cumberland Elementary School and Rosspoint Elementary School middle school academic teams won their respective district competitions on Saturday. (Team total points are denoted in parentheses.)

Cumberland (54) won the District 82 event, while Evarts (36) earned second place, followed by Harlan (15) in third, Green Hills (11) in fourth and Black Mountain (7) in fifth. Green Hills won the Hume Sportsmanship Award.

Rosspoint (71) won the District 83 event, followed by Wallins (35) in second, James A. Cawood Elementary (13) in third and Cawood Elementary (1) in fourth. Cawood won the Hume Sportsmanship Award.

District 82 individual awards went to:

Mathematics Assessment - Autumn Dunaway, Cumberland, first; Ethan Baird, Evarts, second; Janice Dean, Black Mountain, third; will Scott, Cumberland, fourth; and Alex Lewis, Black Mountain, fifth.

Science Assessment – Autumn Dunaway, Cumberland, first; Will Scott, Cumberland, second; Jacob Fuson, Evarts, third; Akin Akisanya, Harlan, fourth; and Cody Hall, Evarts, fifth.

Composition – Emily Perkins, Green Hills, first; Savanna Smith, Evarts, second; Bronwyn Haynes, Cumberland, third; Hannah Pittman, Black Mountain, fourth; and Emma Howard, Green Hills, fifth.

Social Studies Assessment – Dacey Bailey, Cumberland, first; Akin Akisanya, Harlan, second; Ethan Baird, Evarts, third; Cody Hall, Evarts, fourth; and Eric Fitzpatrick, Harlan, fifth.

Language Arts Assessment – Bronwyn Haynes, Cumberland, first; Dacey Bailey, Cumberland, second; Kandra Patterson, Green Hills, third; Emily Perkins, Green Hills, fourth; and Paighton Freeman, Evarts, fifth.

Arts and Humanities Assessment – Lainey Cox, Cumberland, first; Mady Haynes, Cumberland, second; Jacob Fuson, Evarts, third; Megan Witt, Evarts, fourth; and Emily Collett, Cumberland, fifth.

Future Problem Solving Team – Evarts, first; Harlan, second; and Cumberland, third.

Quick Recall Team – Cumberland, first; Evarts, second, Harlan, third; and Black Mountan, fourth. District 83 Individual awards went to:

Mathematics Assessment – Jaden Hall, Rosspoint, first; Emerson Johnson, Rosspoint, second; Breanna Epperson, Wallins, third; Garry Henson, Rosspoint, fourth; and Michael Simpson, James A. Cawood Elementary, fifth.

Science Assessment – Ben Lewis, Rosspoint, first; Chelsey Caldwell, Wallins, second; Cody Hall, Rosspoint, third; Michael Brock, Wallins, fourth; and Johnny Smith, Wallins, fifth.

Composition – Noah Canady, James A. Cawood, first; Emily Long, Rosspoint Elementary, second; Brittany Goins, Wallins, third; Brianna Smith, James A. Cawood, fourth; and Rhileigh Alred, Wallins, fifth.

Social Studies Assessment: Ben Lewis, Rosspoint, first; Jaden hall, Rosspoint, second; Cody Hall, Rosspoint, third; Johnny Smith, Wallins, fourth; Caitlyn Jones, James A. Cawood, fifth.

Language Arts: Jaiden Belcher, Rosspoint, first; Madison Hall, Rosspoint, second; Breanna Epperson, Wallins, third; Emily Sergent, Rosspoint, fourth; and Brooke Farmer, Wallins, fifth.

Arts and Humanities – Jaiden Belcher, Rosspoint, first; Emily Beasor, Rosspoint, second; Madison Hall, Rosspoint, third; Brad Harris, Wallins, fourth; and Matthew Simpson, James A. Cawood, fifth.

Future Probem Solving – Wallins, first; and Rosspoint, second.

Quick Recall – Rosspoint, first; Wallins, second; James A. Cawood, third; and Cawood, fourth.

Winners advance to the Middle School Regional Governor’s Cup competition to be held Feb 1 at Lone Jack in Bell County.


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