Brock’s death a big loss for Harlan County

It’s a week of mourning for Harlan Countians who have lost one of their favorite sons.

Jeff Brock served his beloved Harlan County since he arrived back home from college, first as an attorney and then as a district judge.

Brock’s death was met with similar reactions from Harlan Countians from just about every walk of life. Whether they were lifelong friends or someone who met him once in a courtroom, everyone seemed drawn to what a good man Brock was from year to year and decade to decade.

Compassion, kindness and fairness were among the words used to describe Brock, who loved Harlan County as much as Harlan County loved him.

A man with the knowledge, skills and education of our district judge could have called thousands of places home, but there was only place Brock wanted to be, and men like him helped make Harlan County the unique and special place it has always been.”
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