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County conducts internal inquiry

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

During a meeting on Tuesday, the Harlan Fiscal Court addressed a land transaction that allegedly occurred several years ago without the approval of the court.

After exiting executive session, Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley advised the current fiscal court is conducting an internal inquiry into the land transaction.

According to the minutes of the meeting, Mosley stated “based on an investigation the current fiscal court directed that has taken place on a land transaction that occurred but was not approved by a previous fiscal court, it has come to our attention that additional information needs to be investigated. I entertained a motion to direct the individual that has been investigating the transaction to continue his investigation for us. Also, to notify in writing the attorney general and auditor of public accounts the nature of the findings to date, what we are advising the investigator to look into and that we will update them of any additional findings. We all will decide then on how to move forward once the investigation is completed.”

In a later interview, Mosley said a deed was brought to the court’s attention about a month ago.

“The fiscal court discussed the nature of it, and considering it was potentially litigious in nature, we felt that it may be best to let an attorney or land professional look into it,” Mosley said. “We initiated a person to dig a little bit into it and provide us with a report as to what took place.”

Mosley said the report was completed and turned over to the fiscal court.

“There were a couple of things we felt needed to be looked into a little further related to the land, so we have directed that person…to look into those additional things,” Mosley said. “The current fiscal court felt as if it was something that could potentially reflect later on down the road…due to how the transaction was recorded.”

Mosley said he could not release the specifics of the transaction at this time.

“I’m not willing to at this time due to the nature of the transaction,” Mosley said. “We’re still trying to learn about what occurred. There’s some missing information. We’re not accusing anyone of anything at this time. In hopes of potentially resolving this issue, I think it’s important at this point to keep it classified. It’s sensitive in nature. We don’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction, that’s why we’re being very thorough to try and understand what happened.”

Mosley said he hopes to have more information soon.

“It is a sensitive matter, and at some point down the road I will be able to explain it a lot more,” Mosley said. “It’s something that just kind of fell in our lap and we’re trying to address it so that the county is protected and the taxpayer’s interest is protected.”

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County conducts internal inquiry

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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