Cumberland to receive police vehicles

City discusses surplussing property

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Cumberland City Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, the first since the resignation of Mayor Carolyn Elliott.

The council chose council member David Dixon to chair the meeting.

After approving the minutes from a previous meeting, a motion was passed tabling the financial report.

Council member Leslie Bush asked for the status on an attempt to acquire vehicles for the police department.

Cumberland City Police Chief Cody Williamson told the panel the police department is set to receive two vehicles.

“I was able to get two free police cars,” Williamson said. “They’re (Chevrolet) Impalas, a 2006 and 2008. We’ve already got every bit of it through, I’ve just got to set up a meeting to go get them.”

Williamson explained there would be no charge to the city for the vehicles, but there are restrictions on what the city can do with the vehicles.

“Once the city receives them, it cannot sell them,” Williamson said. “If the city does sell them, the money has to be used to buy body armor.”

Williamson explained the police department would also receive two handguns and two shotguns.

“It’s a done deal,” said Williamson.

Dixon reminded the panel the first reading of an electrical inspection ordinance had been performed at a previous meeting and asked council if they wanted to perform the second reading or postpone it for a later date.

“Are we going to get more information about that?” asked Bush. “I say we hold off on that because we’re still waiting on information.”

A council member mentioned they have not received information concerning costs related to the ordinance.

The council decided to postpone the second reading until further information is obtained.

Dixon asked City Attorney Karen Davenport if she had any information on whether property owned by the city could be put up for bid as surplus, specifically a section of property behind the Cumberland City Hall. Davenport replied it is permissible to surplus the property.

“As long as it’s legal, I make a motion we surplus that property,” council member Charles Raleigh said.

The motion passed with no opposition.

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City discusses surplussing property

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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