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Cumberland Mayor Carolyn Elliott tendered a letter of resignation on Monday.

Cumberland City Hall confirmed Elliott has issued a letter of resignation, but no details are available at this time.

Elliott has served as Cumberland’s mayor since the resignation of former mayor Carl Hatfield several years ago.

Kentucky state law states the city council has 30 days to appoint a new mayor.

KRS 83a.040 states if a vacancy occurs in the office of mayor, the following provisions shall apply:

(a) The legislative body of the city shall fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days.

The statute further states:

(c) A member of the legislative body in any city organized and governed under the mayor-council plan as provided by KRS 83A.130 and in any city of the first class organized under the mayor-alderman plan as provided by KRS Chapter 83 shall not vote for himself.

(d) The legislative body shall elect from among its members an individual to

Preside over meetings of the legislative body during any vacancy in the office of mayor in accordance with the provisions of KRS 83A.130 to 83A.150.

(3) When voting to fill the vacancy created by a resignation of a mayor the resigning mayor shall not vote on his successor.

Elliott could not be reached for comment.

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