City talks sewer issue

Unauthorized use of dumpster discussed

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Evarts City Council discussed several issues during a meeting on Tuesday, including emergency repairs at the city’s sewer facility and a problem with unauthorized use of a dumpster.

Mayor Eddie Manning brought the sewer issue to the attention of council.

“We had a major sewer malfunction this month,” Manning said. “It looks like it’s going to be pretty costly. We’ve gotten it all taken care of, and we’re just thankful that we had enough money to cover it.”

Manning said some pumps went down.

“It was a pretty big job,” said Manning. “There is a good possibility that we may need to amend the budget next month to show this loss.”

Manning said the city’s accountant would check the budget to decide if it should be amended.

A problem with the improper use of a dumpster was also discussed.

“This dumpster out back here that we rent to a realty company, we’re starting to have an issue with a lot of people illegally dumping in it,” Manning explained. “I would like to put a sign up to let people know that’s not a public dumping place.”

Manning suggested putting a camera up to observe the dumpster.

“Right now, there’s a bunch of trailer (mobile home) parts in it,” Manning said. “You know none of these stores are dumping trailer parts. Whatever they dump in there is going to cost us to take it off.”

Council member Larry Caudill asked if this is the only dumpster the city rents out.

“We have dumpsters at several locations,” Manning replied. “But that is really the only one where we see this happening.”

Manning said there have been items such as couches left at the dumpster site.

The council settled on putting up signs clarifying the dumpster was not for public use.

Manning then moved on to a matter with the North Evarts RV Park.

“We’re going to go ahead and get the shelter housed ordered to put up over at the North Evarts RV Park this month,” Manning said. “We’re going to start seeing a lot more groups using the park…I think it’s time to get them ordered and get them up.”

The shelters are replacements for structures that were damaged by severe weather.

In other council activity:

• Police Chief Lupe Blas reported his department received 35 complaints, made one drug related arrests, three DUI arrests, two theft related arrests, one domestic violence arrest, assisted Kentucky State Police on one occasion, assisted the Harlan County Sheriff’s Office on two occasions and served 11 warrants;

• Fire Chief Cledo Powers informed the council his department assisted with one structure fire and one brush fire, both outside the city limits. He advised the council that on April 23 -24, the Evarts Fire Department will have survival and rescue training open to all fire departments in the county.

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Unauthorized use of dumpster discussed

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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