Sen. Paul speaking in Bell

By Kelsey Gerhardt - [email protected]

Sen. Rand Paul

With the November election day quickly approaching, researching candidates has never been more important. Not only is the presidential race receiving a lot of attention in the media, but local and state politics are focusing on southeastern Kentucky as a place of promise.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul will be coming to Pine Mountain State Resort Park for a Town Hall Luncheon on Feb. 17. The Bell County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting this event as part of their luncheon series.

Paul has held strong in the ‘War Against Coal’ in the Commonwealth and will be discussing his position during the luncheon.

There is currently legislation in the works called the REINS Act which will help limit the power of the President to pass industrial regulations without the input of Congress. Paul believes this will take some of the burden off the coal company and allow more production and, inversely, more mining jobs to reopen.

“I think we’re aware of some of the devastation in some of the communities out there,” said Paul. “Those are good paying jobs, hard jobs, but good jobs and with some of those lost; the rippling throughout the community is, I think, devastating.”

Paul has also introduced the idea of Economic Freedom Zones which will directly impact impoverished areas including Bell County. Over 10 years, both income and corporate taxes are lowered dramatically which he believes will leave more money in pockets to be spent locally.

“They would have more leftover money to go to a restaurant, buy more stuff or employ more people and I don’t think we’ve ever tried it that way,” said Paul. “I think that kind of stimulus could actually work because it would actually be going into the hands of those who are already taxpayers.”

Paul will also be discussing fiscal matters and the national debt as a hindrance to job creation. A question and answer session will follow.

The luncheon will begin at 11 a.m., with Paul speaking at 11:30 a.m. A buffet will be served for $12 per person.

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Sen. Rand Paul Rand Paul

By Kelsey Gerhardt

[email protected]

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