City discusses water plant

Lynch council addresses sewer issue

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Lynch City Council discussed the status of the city’s water and sewer system during a recent meeting.

Mayor John Adams updated the council on the status of some work going on at the city’s water plant. He stated that the clear well had been cleaned, and should be ready for the backwash system to be tested.

Adams also informed the council of a sewer issue on Church Street at the Childers residence. Maintenance Supervisor Chris Adams explained the manhole that needs to be cleared is buried on Council member Betty Hudack’s property. She gave her permission for the manhole to be found as long as any damage to the property is repaired. Chris Adams stated that he would repair any damage caused by the excavation.

Moving to the financial report, Adams asked the council had any questions for City Clerk Erica Eldridge.

Hudack asked if bills more than 90 days old could be paid. Eldridge stated that she would work on the issue.

Hudack then asked for the balance on the city’s garbage collection bill. Eldridge stated a past due bill and a current bill existed, and she was working on the issue.

Eldridge also told the panel Boggs Municipal had been paid off for work done at the water plant.

In other council activity:

• Eldridge read the work invoices to the council;

• Adams stated that the only thing the plant was not in compliance for is the chlorine in the backwash discharge;

• Leslie Young stated that at one time the city was looking at a large holding pond for as a settling pond;

• The council went into executive session. No action was taken. The meeting was then adjourned.

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Lynch council addresses sewer issue

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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