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Resolution supporting The Appalachian Horse Center approved

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Harlan Fiscal Court discussed the possible abandonment of some county roads during a recent meeting.

Harlan County Judge-Executive brought the subject up under the roads and bridges section of the agenda.

“Next item under roads and bridges is McVey Road abandonment,” Mosley said. “This has been advertised, it’s in Jones Creek in District two. It is a bridge that leads to no residences.”

Mosley told the court at one time there was a house on the property accessed by the bridge, but it was destroyed by fire.

“There’s also access from another adjacent property,” Mosley said. “An easement would have to be obtained if it was ever decided to utilize it. But there’s nothing there anymore and we had put it up for abandonment to remove that bridge…is there anyone here that would like to express opposition to us abandoning McVey Road.”

Mosley asked for a motion to abandon the road.

Magistrate Bill Moore told the court the owners of the property were considering putting a trailer on the property. Moore said he would check on the situation and report back to the court.

A motion was made to abandon McVey Road, but died due to lack of a second.

“We need to revisit this at our next meeting,” Magistrate David Kennedy said.

Mosley said the item would be put back on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mosley then asked for a motion to extend a county road 436 feet.

“It’s an extension of Stroud Lane,” Mosley explained. “This is the connector road that we’ve been talking about for a few months up there between Rosspoint and Putney…We’ll need a motion to extend Stroud Lane 436 feet to connect to U.S. 119.”

The court approved the extension without objection.

Mosley informed the court CSX Transportation has asked the county to either take ownership of a railroad bridge at Cawood or the company is planning to demolish the bridge. The bridge provides access to a community park.

“They informed us they had done an inventory of the bridges, and found that my predecessor had put a sidewalk across the railroad bridge,” Mosley said. “There’s not been a lease done.”

According to Mosley, the safety of the bridge is a concern.

“The problem is, if we take ownership we also take liability,” Mosley said. “I went up and visited it and walked about a third of the way across and didn’t feel very safe because of the condition of the crossties underneath the sidewalk.”

Magistrate Jim Roddy mentioned the park is accessible by another road, however the road is also owned by CSX.

Mosley suggested asking CSX to allow the county to use the road for access to the park.

The magistrates also looked at the possibility of acquiring the bridge and making it safe for use. Road Engineer Consultant Leo Miller advised the bridge could be made safe cheaper than the county could build a new bridge.

After further discussion, the court approved a motion to acquire the bridge from CSX Transportation for access to the Cawood Community Park.

“The next item is McCurey Lane abandonment,” said Mosley. “This will serve as the public hearing for the McCurey Lane abandonment.”

Mosley explained the abandonment would only be for a portion of the road.

“It’s to abandon the section at the end of the road,” Mosley said.

Mosley clarified the section in question is the portion of McCurey Lane beginning at mile point 0.082 and ending at mile point 0.212.

Mosley asked if there was anyone present who opposed the abandonment and received no response.

The court passed a motion to abandon the portion of McCurey Lane with no opposition.

In other court activity:

• A resolution supporting The Appalachian Horse Center, a new facility to be located in Southeastern Kentucky, was approved;

• The audit of the former Harlan County Sheriff’s Tax Settlement for the period of April 16, 2014 through December 31, 2014 was accepted;

• The Harlan County Sheriff’s statement of receipts, disbursements and excess fees for the calendar year 2015 was accepted;

• The court approved the Harlan County Emergency Management time and attendance sheet;

• An agreement between Harlan County Emergency Management and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System was approved.

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Resolution supporting The Appalachian Horse Center approved

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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