Fire destroys truck

New fire truck responds to scene

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

A fire that destroyed a box truck on Tuesday was handled by a fire truck the Sunshine Volunteer Fire Department acquired in June as a result of the severe winter weather in February.

According to Harlan Emergency Management Director David McGill, the truck was used to help extinguish a fire that was originally thought to be a hazardous materials situation.

“It turned out not to be a HAZ-MAT incident,” McGill said. “They thought there may have been a large amount of chemicals in it, but there wasn’t.”

Along with McGill and the HAZ-MAT Team, Sunshine Fire Department responded with their new truck.

McGill said the incident occurred at approximately 2 p.m. on KY 413 in Baxter. Nobody was injured in the incident, although the box truck was destroyed.

The truck was acquired by the Sunshine Fire Department in June due to circumstances that led to the shutdown of the Martins Fork Volunteer Fire Department.

“Sunshine is now covering the Smith and Cawood area that Martins Fork Fire Department used to cover,” McGill said. “They had some trucks that were destroyed by the winter storm back in February.

McGill mentioned the trucks were inside a building that collapsed due to the heavy snow. Insurance money from the trucks was used to purchase the newer truck.

“Through insurance money, they were able to purchase that truck with the Fiscal Court’s help,” McGill said. “It’s not a brand new truck, but it’s a newer truck. It’s going to serve Sunshine’s territory, which also includes Cawood.”

The truck, McGill said, is a pumper/tanker combination.

“It’s able to haul large amounts of water to the fire,” McGill said. “It’s also got a pump on it capable of transferring water from that truck to a pumper. Or if it’s a small fire they’ll be able to fight the fire off that truck as well.”

McGill said Sunshine also received a second truck via a donation.

“Some people from New York had seen that we were having a rough go with the winter storm and some of our fire equipment got destroyed,” McGill explained. “There were gracious enough to donate one (firetruck) as well.”

McGill said efforts are being made to construct a new facility in the Martins Fork area.

“When that goes up, those trucks will be utilized in that area,” said McGill.

The facility, when completed, will be operated by the Sunshine Volunteer Fire Department.

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New fire truck responds to scene

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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