Smith sings from the soul

Tells who he is through song

By Reina P. Cunningham - [email protected]

Courtesy of NBC Jordan Smith performs on Monday’s episode of ‘The Voice.’

Harlan native Jordan Smith continues to top iTunes charts after his Monday night performance of the Jessie J hit “Who You Are” — a song about accepting and believing in yourself, an ongoing theme in Smith’s journey from the mountains of Appalachia to becoming a front runner in the hit reality show “The Voice.”

Starting the song out quietly and finished with his broad range, Smith turned the song into his own personal anthem. He explained to host Carson Daly the important message behind the song — it is okay to be who you are.

“It just feels good to just say it, it’s OK to be who you are, it doesn’t matter,” said Smith.

Smith once again seemed overwhelmed at the reaction to his performance, standing quietly on stage as coach Adam Levine was on his feet, his mom wept in the crowd and fans erupted in applause after the last note was sung.

Levine spoke briefly of Smith’s conviction, saying he mesmerizes the crowd who follows the performance every second of the way.

“You do the impossible, which is sing like you do but also do it with this conviction that keeps everyone completely in it and mesmerized and with you every second of the way,” said Levine.

Smith spoke out via his official Facebook page after the show, calling the performance freeing and saying he is proud of who he is.

“Wow! What a freeing performance,” said Smith. “I’m so thankful for this opportunity and so glad I had the chance to stand on the stage tonight and show that I’m proud of who I am and no one can change that!”

For the past several weeks, Smith has sailed through the live rounds, as his fans vote to send him on in his musical journey. This week is no different — the potential record deal awarded to the winner of the show is getting closer to Smith’s reach and it is up to his fans to push him closer to the prize.

As of press time, Smith continued to have four songs on The Voice iTunes chart, which means all four songs were listed in the top 200 iTunes charts.

‘Who You Are’ is topping both The Voice and Top 100 iTunes charts at No. 2 and 8, ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’ is the next ranking performance, coming in at spots 8 and 39, followed by ‘Halo’ at No. 14 and 123, and his debut blind audition performance ‘Chandelier’ still ranking on both charts at No. 16 and 176.

Smith is continuing to acquire millions of new YouTube views on a daily basis as well — at press time on Tuesday, his collective performances on the hit reality show have been viewed over 32 million times, with that number rising by the minute.

Back home in Harlan, watch parties continue to take place as hometown supporters gather at the Harlan Center to watch Smith continue to shine a positive light on the hills of Appalachia.

Fans may follow Smith’s progress on his Facebook page and Twitter and can now download his performances on iTunes — which is factored into the voting process. There are several additional ways to vote for Smith. You can use “The Voice” app as well as vote via and “The Voice” Facebook page.”The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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Courtesy of NBC Jordan Smith performs on Monday’s episode of ‘The Voice.’ of NBC Jordan Smith performs on Monday’s episode of ‘The Voice.’
Tells who he is through song

By Reina P. Cunningham

[email protected]

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