City receives funds for culvert replacements

MANCHESTER – The city of Harlan has been granted $86,800 by the Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Rural and Municipal Aid.

The money will be for two culvert replacements at the following locations: 0.146 miles north of Woodland Hills over Dave Smith Branch on Blanton Drive, and 0.007 miles east of Blanton Drive over a tributary of Dave Smith Branch on Woodland Hills.

Harlan County forces will be responsible for all phases of the work.

The Department of Rural and Municipal Aid frequently dispatches funds directly to city and county governments in an effort to improve routes which are not state-owned but tie into the state system.

“We are happy to partner with local governments to improve highway access for the citizens of Harlan County, and all of District 11,” said Sherri Chappell, chief district engineer for the Department of Highways District 11, which includes Jackson, Laurel, Clay, Leslie, Whitley, Knox, Bell and Harlan Counties.

Special to Civitas Media

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