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HHS seniors open time capsule

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

Graduation day is approaching, and to celebrate their milestone a group of seniors at Harlan High School opened a time capsule they left for themselves seven years ago as fifth-graders.

Harlan Independent Schools social studies teacher Angie Sellers began her tenure at the school teaching many of this year’s seniors as fifth graders.

“This was my first group,” Sellers said. “We started the journey together.”

Sellers explained what sort of contents the then — fifth-graders supplied for the time capsule.

“They wrote themselves letters, and they’re opening those,” Sellers said. “They also put in something that was important to them at the time.”

Sellers said this is the only class with whom she has done a time capsule project.

Although some students have left the class for various reasons in the years since the time capsule was created, many students were able to read the letters and view the items they left for their future selves.

Seniors Ethan Morton and Olivia Dixon were both part of the fifth grade class that created the capsule.

“I put in a note to myself, wishing myself good years ahead, “Morton said. “It’s cool to look at seven years later.”

Dixon said she included a list of all her best friends at the time the capsule was created.

“Most of them are still true,” Dixon said.

Sellers said the purpose of the time capsule was to, in a way, “freeze time.”

“This was my first group of fifth graders, and I wanted to do something significant with them,” Sellers said. “So their last day of school in fifth grade seven years ago, they froze time with me.”

Sellers said many students have inquired about the time capsule over the years, asking if it would be opened. She always assured them it would.

“I didn’t want to clean it because they signed the outside of it,” Sellers said. “It’s collected dust over the years, but they looked at their names on the outside before they opened it. They got their letters and their artifacts. Some of the things they wrote actually came true and some are things that aren’t even on their radar now.”

Sellers said one of the most talked-about items included in the capsule was a cap.

“One of them put in a baseball cap they had all signed,” Sellers said. “Some of them put in silly bands, which are little bracelets the girls wore at the time. Some put in photos of their family.”

The time capsule was sealed on June 4, 2010 and opened on Wednesday.

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HHS seniors open time capsule

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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