House passes bill to support Ky.’s coal industry

Special to the Enterprise

FRANKFORT — The Kentucky House of Representatives passed a measure that will remove unnecessary permitting regulations on Kentucky’s coal industry. House Bill 234, sponsored by Rep. Jim Gooch, R-Providence, eliminates the permit requirement for all surface area over underground coal mines, relieving burdensome costs to the industry.

“We all know the decimation Kentucky’s coal industry has faced under the Obama Administration,” said Rep. Gooch, whose district is made up of coal producing counties.

“With the new Trump Administration in place, we are seeing real relief for coal country, and it is imperative that our state’s government follows suit. This measure will reprieve coal companies of unnecessary costs and help in our efforts to get our coal miners back to work.”

Current law puts Kentucky in excess of federal requirements for surface area permitting. House Bill 234 modernizes our statutes to be more in line with other coal producing states.

The measure now heads to the Senate for consideration and, if passed, will be signed by the governor into law.

Special to the Enterprise

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