Lynch discusses leaks

City seeking grants for water system repairs

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Lynch City Council addressed the problem of leaks in the city’s water system during the panel’s recent monthly meeting.

Mayor John Adams called the meeting to order.

Council member Linda Adams asked Maintenance Supervisor Chris Adams if any leaks were found while the water plant operator was out. Chris Adams stated he was not aware any had been found.

A council member asked if the system’s leaks had been brought under control. Mayor Adams stated several leaks had been repaired.

Chris Adams advised the council many of the city’s hydrants sound as if they a leaking badly. However, the hydrants are only suffering small leaks that do not adversely impact the water in the city’s water tank.

Lynch City Clerk Erica Eldridge informed the council she could apply for a grant through the Frazier foundation to replace the hydrants that are leaking or damaged.

Council member Carl Collins asked Mayor Adams to request the water plant operator attend the next meeting.

Council member Bennie Massey suggested the clerk should to apply for a grant to have the water tank painted. Massey said he would have a contractor provide Mayor Adams with an estimate for the work.

Council member Linda Adams stated Eldridge should be provided with an accurate count of the number of hydrants needing to be replaced so that she could write the grant application.

Chris Adams also advised the council the lawn mower had been down and the replacement parts were being shipped. He told the panel he would get the lawns cut at the city parks as soon as possible.

Council member Carl Collins inquired about the possibility of using Harlan County Detention Center inmate to cut the grass at the parks. Chris Adams advised he had called and requested a work crew, but he did not know when a crew would be sent.

Mayor Adams moved on to the financial report. Council member Winston Yeary said the council had just received it before the meeting and had not had time to look over it. The council passed a motion to table the financial report.

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City seeking grants for water system repairs

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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