Pineville ‘wet vote’ set for September

By Kelsey Gerhardt - [email protected]

If you have visited Pineville recently, you have noticed piles of brick, large dumpsters and construction equipment along many of the roads downtown. Main Street Pineville director Jacob Roan says that this is part of a business incentive program which is helping to revitalize the area.

“People from other cities are seeing the success we’ve had with the plan, and I’ve sent our plan to them and they’re following what we’re doing. So we’ve talked a lot, we’ve planned a lot and now things are actually happening and things are being implemented,” said Roan.

Many of the empty buildings are getting a ‘face lift’ and have new business opportunities looking to move in, while three new businesses have started in just the past few months.

The business incentive plan includes property cleanup components like free dumpsters during renovations and no tap fees and 90 days of free service from the Pineville Utilities Company. The Small Business Development Center at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College has been working with those who have new business ideas in Pineville for help with the planning and implementation of their ideas.

For two years, Mayor Scott Madon and Roan have petitioned against a KRS Statue which limits the sale of hard liquor in towns with a smaller population. Because of their efforts, Sept. 27 is the date for a ‘wet vote’ for the city of Pineville.

Roan believes this will also help get more restaurants interested in the area as well as generate additional tax revenue that can be used by the city.

“We’ve worked hard to give the people of Pineville an opportunity to make the decision in the polling booth. We’ve met with several restaurant franchises that just are not interested in Pineville because of alcohol sales. It’s something that you can choose to do on your own, but when people are traveling and unwinding, that’s often a big part of it,” said Roan.

The Pineville hotel project has been the topic of much discussion for the past eight years. The city, with help from Gov. Matt Bevin’s office, continues to push forward to bring this opportunity to the area.

“There were a lot of things that needed to be addressed in the past, like location, but that has been moved to the golf course. An RFP has been reissued and there’s development discussions going on and they’re not really allowed to discuss details with us, but we’ve had a few conversations and are cautiously optimistic about that project,” said Roan.

If the hotel comes to fruition, it will be located next to Wasioto Winds Golf Course. While Roan says there has been significant interest, no hotel management company has been named yet.

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By Kelsey Gerhardt

[email protected]

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