Artists to perform at Li’l Opry Crossroads

By Debbie Caldwell - [email protected]

Local artists from various parts of the state and Tennessee will be performing at the Li’l Opry Crossroads facility Saturday night in Middlesboro.

President of a local talent company (M-Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Tennessee Vs, Cumberland Gap, Tennessee), Nancy Maiden, said 14 artists will be having an “open mic” session at the Li’l Opry Crossroads beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Maiden’s talent business is affiliated with North America Country Music Associations, Int’l.

According to their website, the North America Country Music Associations, Int’l was formed in 1997 by Peggy Franck, “to promote the development of the country/gospel music Industry in each state and country through an international association to promote and inform members of the industry and the public about resources available in the various states and countries for country/gospel music production.” Music artists compete before state and international country music industry personnel. Each state is required to host an annual competition and awards show for these aspiring artists with the understanding that the winners of the various categories will compete in regional runoffs, with the winners representing their respective states/countries at the national/international finals.

Artists set to perform include Zac Hart, of Corbin; Deric Jeffers, of Harlan; Katlyn Williams, of Harlan; Wendy Clem, of Harlan; Peggy Inks, of London; Peggy Greene, of Harlan; Melanie Kirby, of Corbin; Eugene Blair of Lafollette, Tennessee; Barbara Jenkins, of Harlan; Charlee Benton, of Richmond; Savannah Hill, of Baxter; Dustin Ford, of Lafollette, Tennessee; Connie Helton, of Harlan and Virginia Thompson, of Bronston, Kentucky.

Maiden said this event will be the final performance prior to state competition.

There will be a private “Top Talent” awards ceremony during a meeting between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. The performing artists will be on stage at 7 p.m.

The Li’l Opry Crossroads facility is off of Cumberland Avenue in Middlesboro on 28th Street. Admission will be $7.

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By Debbie Caldwell

[email protected]

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