Summer Food Program underway

Provides meals while school is out

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Harlan County Community Action Agency is once again sponsoring the annual Summer Food Service Program. The Summer Food Service Program was established to ensure that low income children continue to receive meals when school is not in session.

Summer Food Service Program Director Mistie Sanders said the program’s aim is to feed children who may not get enough to eat.

“We’ve started mobile sites for this year,” Sanders said. “We go to places like Holly Point and Jones Creek three days a week. We set up a feeding site there and the kids will come out and eat.”

Sanders said the program provides pre-packaged meals that include selections such as juice, apple sauce, cheese, sunflower seeds, beef jerky and other such foods.

The program provides breakfast and lunch, and in some cases supper.

“We can do suppers (in cases) like Vacation Bible Schools,” Sanders said.

The program has been in operation for several years.

“We usually start a day or two after school ends,” Sanders said. “This year we’re going to stop on Aug. 5.”

The number of children fed daily varies, with the highest number being fed when Vacation Bible School is in operation.

“I’d say we feed anywhere from 400 to 500 a day,” Sanders estimated.

The food is prepared by a mostly volunteer staff in the kitchen at the C.A.A. facility in Sunshine.

“It’s every day,” Sanders said. “If the feed on (weekends) they can pick their meals up on Friday.”

The program goes by the same nutrition guidelines schools are required to follow.

Sanders explained children 18 and under can receive meals.

According to a press release, the C.A.A. is sponsoring various sites where the meals are served and children eat in a supervised setting. Eligible sites serve children in low income areas or specific groups of low income children. This program is of no cost to the sponsored site.

For more information contact Mistie Sanders at Harlan County Community Action Agency at (606) 573-5335 ext. 233.

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Provides meals while school is out

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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