New 5-book mystery series features Harlan

Harlan native Dr. Richard G. “Dick” Edwards has released a new book mystery series based in Harlan.

The Anchor Cross Series consists of five novels, each weaving fact and fiction, mountain stories and humor. The central theme of each book revolves around one or more of six golden anchor crosses that were cast by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in 325 A.D. The gold from which these artifacts were made had been passed down through the church after having first been blessed by Jesus Christ and then given to Saint Peter.

The mysterious anchor crosses, called the Savior’s Crosses, start to be discovered around the world. The first, The Seibert anchor cross, is found in a remote area in Harlan County, Kentucky, by a child while hiking in the woods. The artifact is traced back to having been brought into Harlan County by a settler in 1798.

Dr. Randy Peters, director of the University of Kentucky’s Center for Appalachian Research, becomes involved and is instrumental in locating and tracing all of the Savior’s crosses. One is found in Prato, Italy, another on the island of Mahe, two more are located in Madrid, Spain, and the final one is found off the Italian island of Ponza.

Each cross exhibits amazing and unexplainable powers which protect those who possess them for peaceful purposes. The anchor crosses have the words Pax Tecum formed into their horizontal cross arms. These Latin words, meaning “Peace be with you,” appear to be the message sent via the Savior’s crosses by the Prince of Peace. Numerous attempts are made to steal the artifacts by those wishing to use them for personal gain, but all fail.

Many of the same mountain characters are found in each book, with hundreds of humorous stories. The fast paced novels involve many unsavory villains with very strange and unusual plots attempting to gain possession of the anchor crosses. J. Bert Sterling, sheriff of Harlan County, and many local characters effectively divert all such efforts. Even the sheriff’s cat, Preacher Puss, gets involved in the action. Each novel will leave you with a grin on your face and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

The series includes The Anchor Cross (now in a second edition), The Pelle Anchor Cross, The Helena Anchor Cross, The Anchor Cross Twins and The Constantine Anchor Cross.

Edwards is scheduled to appear on WKYT (CBS) with Barbara Bailey in the 12:30-1 p.m. news segment on June 28 to speak about the series.

All books are available from and from for $17.99 each plus shipping and handling, or are available for $15 each at JewelCraft in Harlan (115 Village Center Mall) or from the author for $15 each including shipping and handling, contact [email protected]

Richard G. “Dick” Edwards is a native of Harlan, Kentucky, a 1958 graduate of Harlan High School, and the son of the late J.B. and Lillie Mae Edwards. He received undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering, and is retired from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. Dick has been married to Carolyn for over 50 years, has two sons, and five grandchildren. Dick enjoys sailing, traveling, reading and writing. He lives in Lexington.

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